We at JAM feel strongly about the power of fashion. The power of clothing. And the ability it has to make you feel a certain way.

You guys know what we mean right? When you pop that certain item on and you just feel like a boss. Here’s an example for you all - I got a new jacket recently (And obviously I haven’t had much opportunity here in Melb to run it) BUT every time I put that jacket on, I feel like I run a fashion label. It just has the vibe. And when I wear it, I feel like my ability to get shit done increases by a zillion percent. 

We’ve always preached the power of fashion but doing a majority of work from home has really shed some new light on how critical clothing is for the way you feel about yourself.

Sure, at the start of lockdown, being able to do work whilst slumped on the couch in your dressing gown was a thrill - the person reading my email replies would never have imagined I was sitting there in my dressing gown and a top I’d spilt coffee on yesterday - Ha ha, I’m kidding! (I’m not) However, as the weeks of isolation and work from home have gone on, it’s lost its thrill and the dressing gown just makes me feel sluggish and like it’s bedtime ALL the time. Productivity drops and you’re left feeling yuck. 

Making an effort to get dressed into actual clothing that I feel good, confident and productive in has made such a huge difference to the amount of work I can achieve and how I feel when I’m making those sometimes scary phone calls or attending a Zoom meeting. 

Have you guys felt the same? We'd love to know your thoughts.

Or are you still living in D-gown bliss (Stain or no stain, no judgement here)

However you’re dressing, we hope you’re all managing through this tricky to navigate time okay. X