Hello - it’s us again. We bet you’re begging for us to get Jason Clymo back to write another piece but not just yet you guys. We’ve got too much to say and finally have a platform where there’s a chance someone might read it (in the hope that something new from Jason has popped up) so here we go.

We also bet that if you’ve read the blog post from last week, you’re going to be thinking that we’ve done a complete 180 spin and landed back in the land of the dressing gown. What’s more comfortable than a dressing gown?! And we’ve just convinced you to get out of yours so why are we now banging on about the importance of comfort..

Settle down for a min and hear us out!

Imagine yourself in your jeans. You’ve gone for your skinny jeans today and they’re pressing into you, they’re tight and they’re stiff. You’re uncomfortable, you’re distracted because you’re trying to move them around to get into a comfortable position. How is your productivity looking now? 

However, before you go ahead and grab for your tracksuit pants, we want you to consider this. What if you could have both? 

We at JAM feel strongly about looking good and feeling good in what we’re wearing but we also believe that this shouldn’t come at the cost of convenience or the cost of comfort.

You shouldn’t have to choose between function or fashion. Comfort is cool. And that my friends is what we encourage you all and the fashion industry as a whole to consider. 


Looking for clothing for a paraplegic male.

— Keren Vale