As JAM's products are designed to make the act of dressing easier, simpler, more accessible, it means that they can be considered as "Assistive Technology" by the NDIS and may be purchased through your "Low-Cost Assistive Technology" budget. 

We are still exploring the world of being an NDIS provider, but if you're Self-Managed or Third Party/Plan Managed then you're good to go!

The simplest way is to purchase our items and then reimburse yourself through the portal!

Plan Managed?
The simplest way is to purchase our items and then have your plan manager reimburse you.

Not able to purchase our items and be reimbursed OR do you require an invoice/quote before you can purchase?
Get in contact via contactus@jamthelabel.com 

We'd love to assist you!

PS, We've recently noticed that not everyone is receiving low-cost assistive technology within their NDIS. Just be sure to let your planner know at your NDIS meeting that you're wanting funding included within your NDIS plan to allow for purchase of these items! If they're wanting further clarification, your occupational therapist will be able to write you a supporting letter or include this within their report.