Those of you who have tried on one of our long sleeves or tees will know that the material that we’ve used is THE softest and comfiest you’ll ever put against your skin (fact).

This is because our tops are made from 90% bamboo. But, did you know that there are so many more benefits to that delightful material than just comfort x 1,000?

So please, read on as we summarise the benefits of our favourite fibre.

  1. Bamboo fibres are antibacterial
    It keeps your top odour free and smelling fresh - good.

  2. Moisture Wicking
    Highly sweat absorbent, pulling moisture from skin for evaporation. AKA keeps you dry!

  3. Insulating
    Keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. (Magic right?)

  4. Naturally UV protectant
    Protects your skin from the sun!

  5. Hypoallergenic
    Doesn’t irritate sensitive skin or cause allergic reactions - always a plus!

  6. Eco-Friendly
    Good for the environment!!! Bamboo is the most eco-friendly fabric on the planet!

    Our tops ALSO have 10% elastane which means that they’re extra stretchy whilst still holding their shape. WIN!

Heck, we like bamboo so much we may just be exploring using it for some other products in the works ;) Only time will tell..