Frequently Asked Questions
Inclusive Fashion to us means fashion items that have been designed with every BODY in mind, including those with disability.
People have all different abilities. These differences have previously been ignored in the mainstream market. We at JAM believe that everyone has the right to clothing that enables them to complete this task, just like everyone else (whilst being able to show off their style)
People may experience difficulties with the physical demands of dressing (e.g. buttons or maneuvering arms), the intellectual demands (garment orientation/positioning), or sensory differences (irritation from tags and seams).
JAM was inspired by two awesome teens, Jack and Maddie - hence the name JAM! Want to get to know our story even more? Check out our video on our “About Us” page here
We believe that every person has the right to be able to express themselves through fashion. For too long, those that have a disability, have had to make clunky adjustments to their clothing, or have had to wear items that are adapted for the elderly or infants. Young people deserve to wear age-appropriate clothing items that are on-trend. At JAM, we choose to focus on the aesthetic of our items and brand, without jeopardising the functionality required by those with disability.
To promote universal design and in turn, inclusion for diversity in the Australian fashion industry.
You sure can! If you’re self-managed or third-party managed, you can purchase our items! However, at the moment, we’re not NDIS providers, so if you’re Agency (or NDIS) managed, you unfortunately can’t just yet.. Still want to know more? Read on at our NDIS info page here.
Our items are considered to be “Low Cost Assistive Technology” so can be purchased through the “Low Cost Assistive Tech” or “Consumables” budget in your “Core” area of your NDIS plan. See our NDIS page here for more information
If an item is for pre-order sale, this will be listed in the title and an approx. time till delivery will be in the item description. If the item is going to be delayed, the team at JAM will be in contact with you. Otherwise, sit back and relax you’ve scored yourself a JAM item before they sell out ;)
Yup! When it comes to filling in the “Shipping Details” just fill in your mates address instead of yours. Make sure to pop a comment in the “Notes” box and let us know it’s a gift, we’ll make sure to send a gift receipt instead.
You can find all the info you need on delivery and returns right here
We would LOVE to hear your suggestions! Fill in our suggestions sign up form here
Each of our products have their own unique sizing so please make sure you refer to the size guide page before choosing your size!
Yay! We love talking about the features of our clothing! Head over to our design features page to see more detail on all of our products. If you still have questions we love to have a chat, so feel free to send us an email. The details for this are on our contact us page.
Whilst JAM is a small business, we are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible, and continuing to improve our sustainability practices as we grow. Currently, you will find all of the packaging that your JAM orders arrive in to be fully compostable (even the labels!). We also have Airrobe available as an option with all of our products, which means our clothing items can be rented, re-sold or recycled via Airrobe. We strive to use environmentally-friendly fabrics when possible, and are constantly learning about how our manufacturing processes can be more sustainable. We look forward to learning more and evolving as a brand in this area.