Inclusive fashion - Traditionally referring to plus size, diverse cultures, sustainability.. And yet still so often, People with Disability are left out of the conversation and not thought of as part of the wider mainstream market.

So, for those playing along at home thinking, what’s the difference between inclusive and adaptive? Well, adaptive just means inclusive, right? Not quite. We would define “adaptive” as products or items that are designed FOR people with disabilities to meet a certain need. Specialised products. Whereas, we see “inclusive” as items that are created with a mindset to be accessible to all.

Here are two concrete examples: Our confetti and block jackets that are designed for wheelchair users. These were our first product and these are ADAPTIVE. These have shorter backs which make them not suitable for those not seated in a wheelchair. (The things you learn along the way, hey..)

But, our second items, our tees and long sleeves, are INCLUSIVE. They utilise universal design principles that make it suitable for those with sensory needs and spasticity or tightness or just anybody who wants to be super comfortable and look great to boot.

Why is it so important to us that we are an inclusive fashion brand? We don’t want to segregate people with disability to only having certain options to wear because they’re functional. We want everyone to have the same clothing options, no matter what.