Alrighty blog readers, we bet our bottom dollar that four out of five people reading this blog (if there is 5 of you reading) cut your tags off your clothes because they’re so darn annoying. We’ll let you in on a little trade secret - tags are SO not needed. Sure, legally, we need to let you guys know how to care for your items - but legally, we don’t need to make you wear a metre long weird tag against your skin.  At JAM the label, we screen print all the info you’d normally need on a tag, right onto our tops. That way it’s comfortable for everyone. No itchy, frustrating, in the way, tags. We could go on.

Basically, we’re of the mindset that it’s about time that other fashion labels got on board and moved to screen printing their tags.



Brilliant keep up the good work girls and look forward to more blogs from you all what a great idea to get rid of tags

— Isobel walker