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Zip Puller - Black

Zip puller to make any ordinary zip more accessible.

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Wanting to make your favourite zipped items more accessible? Add one of our zip pullers! Simply thread it through the existing zip end and you will have a larger zip puller to hold onto. 

Note: In some images, the zip puller is grey. All zip pullers for individual sale are black as seen in the first image. 

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As this product is designed to make the act of dressing easier, simpler or more accessible, it means that it is considered 'Assistive Technology' by the NDIS and may be purchased through your 'Core', 'Consumables' or 'Low-Cost Assistive Technology' budgets. 

Check out our NDIS page for further information.

Why is our clothing called adaptive or inclusive fashion? Our items have been designed by Occupational Therapists who are experts in accessibility to bring you the most functional products to suit your dressing needs.