Molly: Hi, I’m Molly.

Emma: And I’m Emma, and we’re the co founders of JAM the label.

Molly: So, JAM’s an adaptive clothing brand for young people with disabilities who want to get dressed that little bit easier whilst still looking and feeling funky.

Emma: So we’re two full time Occupational Therapists but we also used to work as DSW’s and it was at these jobs that we met Jack and Maddie.

Molly: I met Jack about three or four years ago, and for a while there I was working with him five or six days a week helping him get dressed in the morning and it was there where I felt like I had a little insight into the experiences that families have each day and it is really tricky and really time consuming. 

Emma: Yeah and I know Molly and I would come together after working with Jack and Maddie and be like this is such a difficulty, this shouldn’t be an issue, why is there not something out there that just makes this so much easier?

It’s also really important to us that through this brand, if we can just make individuals like Jack and Maddie and their family’s lives just that little bit easier through saving 5 minutes in the day or giving them that dignity they deserve, that is the overall aim of JAM and we would have accomplished what we set out to do. 

End of video.