We, Emma and Molly, the co-founders of JAM, were constantly hearing from models with disability that there wasn't the same opportunities for work for them as non-disabled models. When they did book a job, often their accessibility needs weren't met or even acknowledged. They felt like they were there to tick a box. 
On the other hand, fashion brands were saying that they were very open to including people with disability but just didn't know how and felt intimidated and didn't know where to start. Inclusion felt too big of a task, so they just didn't bother. 
As Occupational Therapists, access is something that we have extensive knowledge in. We wanted to create this resource to be a tangible tool that can be utilised by the creative industry to mitigate fear or uncertainty so that disabled people can be confidently welcomed on set and engaged with by brands.


Video Title: How to create an Accessible Photoshoot by JAM the label
Description: An accessibility how-to guide for creating a fully inclusive photoshoot for those with disability.