Hi friends, once again, long time no chat!

We (Emma and Molly) continue to endeavour to write more blogs but other silly things (good things, but time consuming things nonetheless!)  keep stealing our attention away. Luckily, we have some lovely mates to help. 

Some of these mates are from the Central Bayside Community Health Services (CBCHS).

We asked them to find out what fashion means to a few of the clients who attend the NDIS Day Support Program at their Parkdale site in Melbourne’s South East.

We all know that fashion is a personal statement right? It means something different to everyone. It’s a way for each individual to express their personality, their mood and how they want to present themselves to the world. We thought that chatting with these guys would be the perfect way to get some further insight into the power of fashion, and how it can make a huge, positive impact on the way people feel.

Here’s what the people interviewed had to say:

I love wearing makeup , I feel pretty . I like wearing bracelets and necklaces, I try matching my outfit with my jewellery. 

I like wearing my favourite basketball team colours when I play basketball. I enjoy shopping for my clothes and choosing outfits I like that make me look really cool. I like sports shoes like my new Nike’s they are comfortable and make me run fast. 

I choose clothes that look good on me. The clothes I choose help me feel confident and happy and cool. I look after my clothes so they last me a long time. 

My favourite outfit is my Richmond Tigers clothes. I love supporting my team and feel I am when I wear the Tigers’ team colours. I also like wearing my expensive watch, it’s cool and I always know what the time is. I also like wearing clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear when I’m playing lawn bowls or I’m training at the gym. 


Image 1: Lauren is wearing a denim jacket with a red top and grey singlet underneath, with blue jeans and sneakers. She has her hair in a pony tail and is smiling. She is holding one arm up and pointing to the sky.

Image 2: Riley is sitting on a train seat. He is wearing a black jumper and black shorts with a face mask pulled down on his chin. He is doing a shaka symbol with his hand and has a big smile on his face.

Image 3: Anders is standing in front of a fence with flowers behind him. He is wearing a cap, a light blue tshirt, black shorts and white runners. He is doing a model pose with his hand behind his head. 

Image 4: Kyle is standing in front of a fence with flowers behind him. He has his legs casually crossed. He is wearing a checkered green shirt with an olive coloured denim jacket, jeans and runners. He has his arm held across his chest and is showing off his favourite wrist watch. 

Thanks to all of the wonderful CBCHS clients who took the time to share their thoughts on fashion.  We absolutely loved hearing what fashion means to you!