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Instagram Accounts We Are Lovin' (And We Bet You Will Too)

Okay, when we began brainstorming for accounts to put here we came up with about one zillion. But we’ve tried to condense it down to an amount that we might be able to hold your attention for.

So without further ado - We give you, (in no particular order) our “TOP 20 instas we are LOVIN'” here at JAM:

ManRepeller (@manrepeller) and while you’re at it, you’re going to want to follow Man Repeller’s founder - Leandra Cohen (@leandramcohen
This fashion blog is hilarious, has great articles and Leandra’s kids are beyond cute. 

Lauren Wasser (@TheImpossibleMuse)
This model oozes cool and we are obsessed with her style! So chic.

Jameela Jamil (@JameelaJamilOfficial & @i_weigh)
Both Jameela Jamil’s personal page and the i_weigh page are must follows. We love how she speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. Such a huge community has grown from the i_weigh movement.

Jess Quinn (@jessicaemilyquinn)
NZ based model. We saw her walk in last year’s Melbourne Fashion Week and have been fan-girling hard ever since.

Clara Holmes (@rollinfunky)
Blogger, Public Speaker and Fashion Icon. 

Jason Clymo (@mylifewithwheels)
No list would be complete without this guy. One of our favourites to talk to and you already know he’s one of our favourite instas. He has a ‘My Life With..’ series on IGTV where he interviews people with disability from all over the world and they’re a must watch.

Alisha Henderson (@sweetbakes)
CAKES and FUN and COLOUR. Alisha wins at all three. Need we say more? 

Emily Prior (@emilyjprior_)
Emily is a Model, Actor and Activist. She’s got mermaid hair and has huge things in store for her. 

Carly Findlay (@carlyfindlay)
We love reading Carly’s captions and her super loud fashion sense. So much colourful goodness. 

Zoe Foster Blake (@zotheysay)
Her matching tracksuits during iso have been such a vibe. Her captions are the best. And those kids are beyond cute. Big Fans. 

Knox Gibson (@captain_knoxie)
Knox is a Disability and Diversity Advocate with ripper style. 

Robyn Lambird (@robynlambird)
Robyn is an Australian Paralympian/Style Icon who is constantly changing their hair colour. We love the way they approach life and LOVE their insta feed. 

Ruby Allegra (@rvbyallegra)
Ruby is an artist (@rvbytheartist) but we also love their personal page - for the fashion (obviously) but also for the captions. Very insightful.

Live From Snack Time (@livefromsnacktime)
A lovely little page of quotes from kids at snack time.

The Inspired Unemployed (@theinspiredunemployed)
If you haven’t seen these guys, you’re seriously missing out. A huge bunch of LOL’s.

Fatima Timbo (@fatstimbo
Best dancing vids, hands-down.

Shit you should care about (@shityoushouldcareabout)
This page gives insight into things we may not normally hear about.

CSIRO (@csirogram)
A good dose of science for your feed and we especially love #WombatWednesdays.

Somebody Different (@somebodydifferent)
Features a different Australian every day. Shares peoples stories and photos.

Includ.ed (@includ.ed)
A page by two Aussie teachers who share creative ideas for an inclusive classroom. We love. 

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